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Sunday Morning Liturgy for Children and Young People

Children's Liturgy 

Every Sunday at 9.30am Mass the children of all ages are invited to attend the Children's Liturgy groups which take part in the Catechetical Room during the first half of the Mass.

The children participate in simple prayers and activities including storytelling, singing and colouring that help to explain the gospel.

There are two groups - one for the younger children up to age 8 and the second group for children who have made their First Holy Communion. 


Children's Masses

 On the 1st Sunday of the month the 9.30am Mass is led by the children. The readings and the bidding prayers, which are read by the children, are adapted accordingly. The homily is interactive so that the children can show their understanding of the Gospel message. The children participate in the Offertory Procession and the hymns are specially chosen for the Children's Choir so that they can accompany the singing with musical instruments.