Welcome to the Parish of St Stephen, Skipton with Masses at St Stephen's Church, St Margaret Clitherow in Threshfield and Sacred Heart Chapel, Broughton Hall

The Baptism Ceremony


During the Baptism ceremony the child is given a Christian name. The parents and godparents pronounce their own faith and repeat their baptismal promises.The parents confirm they understand all the duties of Christian parenthood and commit to bringing up their child in the ways and practice of the faith. Together with the godparents they agree therefore that the baptism takes place.

The child is named and traced with the sign of the Cross and anointed on the neck in preparation for baptism.

The child is baptised with water, anointed on the head with Chrism and presented with a white garment brought by the parents.

The godparents are asked to pass on the light of faith by lighting a candle from the Paschal Candle and the child is blessed on the mouth and ears.

At the end of the baptism ceremony the parents and child are blessed and they receive a certificate to confirm that the baptism has taken place.

The celebration is recorded in the Baptismal Register and is available in the future when the child comes to be confirmed, if and when they marry, or are ordained a priest or deacon, or enter religious life.