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Education in the Faith




Journey in Faith

Are you interested in becoming a Catholic ?

The Journey in Faith group meets on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. A new cycle for the Journey in Faith will be announced in the autumn. The sessions are led by Cath Barclay and Pauline Copeland.  Anyone who would like to become a Catholic is more than welcome to come along and take a step on the journey. Please click here to contact Fr Andrew if you are interested in this programme.





Deepening our Faith 

Are you interested in exploring more deeply aspects of the Catholic faith ?

We would like to find topics that would generate the most interest and to find either within the Parish or from elsewhere those who might speak at and lead them. The idea is to inform ourselves, to help us to answer our own questions and those of others and to stimulate debate and discussion.

If you have thoughts about topics that you would like to see addressed, and ideas about people whom we might approach to present a session, please contact Lucy in the Parish Office.

Please click here to read about previous discussions


It is also possible for anyone to attend the Education in the Faith programmes who may be considering themselves for the role of Catechist for future programmes.


If you would like to attend either of these programmes, but are unable to attend on the scheduled evenings, please click here to contact Florence Begley or Hazel Hornsby, the Catechists.