Welcome to the Parish of St Stephen, Skipton with Masses at St Stephen's Church, St Margaret Clitherow in Threshfield and Sacred Heart Chapel, Broughton Hall

History of the Parish

Sources: Kennedy, P., The Struggle of a Minority and Cross & Livingstone (eds.), The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

The history of St Stephen's Church and the parish is essentially the story of a community and a people. It is the story of a persecuted minority who struggled to find a voice and find a place to gather and worship God according to the dictates of their consciences. It is a human story of sacrifice interwoven with the lives of families and individuals who strove to make a dream come true. Their descendents still play a great part in continuing that dream for the next generation, taking their place in the history of the parish, and helping to build a community where love of God and neighbour is a living truth.

The Wilton Diptych which depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary with three English kings and St John the Baptist. King Richard II in kneeling before Our Lady. The imagery seems to portray Our Lady as patroness of England, her Dowry. 

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